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At Total Pest Management, we offer quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly, and custom services for residential and commercial clients. Las Vegas has a variety of invaders that can creep into your home or office with ease. We strive to stop them before they enter, forcing them to stay in their natural environment. Due to specialized equipment and products used to eradicate specific types of pests, custom services are offered for bees, German cockroaches, and pigeons.  Contact our office to learn more about these specific species of insects and how to eradicate them.

How our service works:

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Initial services include a power spray of the perimeter of your home or office. Our next step is to apply granular insecticides, baits and dusts to areas where insects my burrow or create nests.


Monthly services are designed to flush out potential home invaders and breakdown their living areas minimizing and eventually eradicating the population. Our services will provide extra protection to your entire home by applying extra granular bait to outlying areas.


Bi-Monthly / quarterly services work much like monthly services however due to a 30-35 day chemical breakdown, only a 30-day guarantee from the last service date will be in effect. Service charges may apply for additional service during this period. Please contact our office for rates.

We service all commercial buildings